we search content creators

Wanting to take (your first) steps in eSports. Or would you just like to help us establishing NERV on the eSports map? We are looking for volunteer content creators to help us.

We are mostly looking for content creators wanting to write articles or create videos. This doesn’t necessary have to be about NERV but can be broader as long as it is related to eSports. Think about match results in big competitions, patch notes in eSport related games and so on.  If you however, have any other creating skills and you would like to be part of NERV’s family don’t hesitate to apply as well we will consider every application.

Volunteers get, except for full credit for their work their own representation on the website of NERV as well.

If you’re interested you can contact us through the contact form. Tell us who you are, what kind of content you can or would like to create and a link to some of your previous work. We can’t wait to hear from you!