H1Z1 King of the Kill banner

Today we are proud to welcome a whole new team to our organisation. Please welcome Henki, Konak, Miken, Pipeta and Sweezy as they will be defending NERV’s pride in the digital battleground that we know as H1Z1: King of The Kill. With this roster, not only are we proud to be able to show ourselves in a new eSports scene but also we have full faith that we can be competitive.

When the players got in touch with us with the question if they could join our organisation, we were intrigued by their profiles and the opportunity presented. The game has, thanks to the feedback of the community, been getting many tweaks and updates which helped it steer to the right direction.

As a direct cause of this, the H1Z1 eSports scene has been evolving rapidly in the last few months. The updates show that the game is ready to support an eSport scene. As an organisation we felt that we had to take this chance to present ourselves in the game and to the community.

The players themselves are also excited joining NERV. Sweezy statement on joining NERV: “We were looking for a strong organisation that could support us. We want to become one of the strongest teams in H1Z1 and Nerdrage couldn’t support us as much as we needed. With NERV we’ve found an organisation that has the same hunger as we have. In that regard, joining NERV was an easy decision and we look forward growing together.

Tomorrow is already the first full test for the roster. As all players managed to qualify for the European Showdown, they will give the audience a taste of what they are capable of. Welcome guys & GL!