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Our boys showed yet another solid performance during private scrims this week, with a number one spot on Wednesday’s 3rd game as the cherry on the pie. Thanks to this performance we are now on the 6th spot on the leader board with a total of 610 points.

Monday’s performance gave us 205 points. While the first and third game weren’t our best, 11th and 10th place. It was the second game that brought home the most points. A nice third place awarded us the additional 125 points.

Wednesday held the same scenario, only this time we kept the best for last. After finishing yet again 11th and 10th in the first and second game we kept the surprise for the last game. In a demonstrating game we ended the last game as first, having 2 members alive. This performance brought us 185 points alone, which caused us to end the day with a total of 275 extra points.

Sadly we couldn’t match the solid performance of the 2 days before. While we started good with a 5th spot and 100 points in the first game, the second and third game proved to be too much. With a disappointing last and 12th place we only managed to add an additional 30 points to our points total.

Despite a bad ending of the week we managed to still put ourselves in a comfortable 6th place and can be happy about our overall performance. Thanks to everyone for the support and let’s see if we can do even better in the days to come.