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Our H1Z1 team didn’t manage to maintain their solid form of the week before. In a rather disappointing week, where Friday was once again the day too much, we picked up only 380 extra points. Together with the 610 points of the previous week we’ll end season 3 with a total of 990 points and a 12th spot.

We rounded up Monday with a 9th, 7th and 10th place. The total of 180 points which were rewarded with those results were substantial but nothing more than that.

Wednesday held the same scenario pointwise. The 5th, 6th and 10th place look good on paper, but because there were 2 teams less competing, the rewarding points where less as well. The 170 points we accumulated that way were sadly not a good representation of the day but was the end result nonetheless.

Friday as the week before, was a complete off day. While last week we managed to have at least one good game we had to do without this time. A disappointing 30 points where the end of the week.

The whole week was actually quite a copy of the last week, with the difference that last week we had one good game a day to make up for way more points. While this week’s results were poorer, it shows that we’ll have to keep practicing to not to have to rely too much on some good games to keep the pace with the top teams. Thanks for everyone’s support and as always we’ll try to get better. Starting with Revenge EU Season 4, starting tomorrow!