Twitch live stream

Wednesday we streamed the first time on our own Twitch channel. If you like live streams are a NERV fan and love to see some good old fashion gaming drama from time to time, be sure to follow our channel. We’re looking at this as another way to connect more to you, our fans.

Miken had the honor to kick of our first stream. In a 2 hours entertaining stream on Wednesday, Miken made sure to display some less competitive games besides his H1Z1 King of the Kill skills. This, however, didn’t mean he wasn’t getting salty because of them.

Yesterday Henki took the honor. In a highly competitive atmosphere he played some cutting edge H1Z1 King of the Kill. Despite having to end a bit earlier due to technical issues, he managed to give us quite an entertaining period.

Today it’s up to Sweezy to take the stream under his control. In an action fast paced session, mixed with his signature drama, Sweezy will certainly entertain you.

Every week multiple players will stream on our channel giving you a chance to connect to our players. So make sure to follow us to get notified the next time we go live.