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Yesterday our very new H1Z1 team faced its first big test. The European Royal Showdown proved to be a great proving ground for the players to show themselves. A great overall performance by all players left us with great impatience of what this team will show us in the future.

Game 1 nearly started or Miken already found himself taken out of the match by his teammate Konak. The pace was set, there would be no place for sympathy in this free for all.  Nonetheless, the NERV players that where still alive where determined to fight for what they where worth. Reaching towards the end of the game 2 players managed to settle themselves in the top 20. Konak ended 20th while Henki finished 13th after getting taken out during an offensive move on f0xy.


Game 2 would be the game of Miken and Pipeta. Despite Miken dying fairly soon in game 1 he got more than 5 kills and assists and missed the top 20 by just a hair. The through spotlight, however, went to Pipeta. He managed to survive until it was only him and Huang alive. Confident in his play, Pipeta chose to search the full confrontation in the 1 vs 1 matchup. While falling short in that last matchup, he had all the reason in the world to be proud with his performance and second place.

Game 3 the players where a bit less fortunate. Due to some bad spawn positions our players found themselves falling rather quick. Henki and Pipeta managed to pull on through and ended quite close to the top 20, but even they found themselves picked out despite their effort.

This Showdown was a great first taste for us in the H1Z1: King of the Kill scene. Thanks to all the fans supporting us on the social media channels and Twitch chat, your support gave us wings. Even though Pipeta missed the overall top 10, and the golden AR, by just a few points. We can look back to a great performance and cannot wait to show what we can do in a team matchup.