A few days ago, Cranium Gaming released their H1Z1 roster after they failed paying the team’s Dreamhack expenses. To make sure the team could still go without possibly losing money over pursuing their dream we decided to let them play for our organization during the event.

Please welcome Pulse, OB7, Feral, Lundgren and Twiks as they will compete at Dreamhack under the name “NERV White”. Our current H1Z1 Team will compete as “NERV Blue”.

We want to be clear, to professionalize H1Z1 further everyone will all have to work together: Daybreak, fans, players and organizations. Organizations dropping and signing players as they feel is the last the H1Z1 scene needs.

The best image we can give the European H1Z1 scene is to make sure the best teams can compete on the biggest stages, providing the best quality of games to everyone watching.

A more extended post will follow later.