Nerv is an esports team that wants to compete with the best of the world. To do so, we aim to deliver the best teams in the most possible professional environment. Doing so we hope to further professionalize the esports scene and establish ourselves as a solid self-sustainable important player in the scene. While also be able to accomplish this without neglacting the social duties of an esports team.

Esports should be fun for everyone, whether you are a fan, an enthusiast or want to learn from the professionals. However not all communities are lucky to be well represented. Some communities don’t have the means to properly enjoy the esports scene as it is now. Others’ efforts are hardly getting the recognition that they deserve. Nerv recognises that while the esports scene is improving, these communities stay under the radar and wants to take its responsibility to help steer the esports scene in the right direction to make esports further accessible for everyone.

Nerv is a professional esports organisation that wants to make the esports experience and fan participation accessible to everyone.